FlexFold Towel Folder AT180/AT230

The FlexFold AT180/AT230 towel folders are the perfect solution for folding and stacking all kinds of towels, garments, fitted sheets and other tumbler dried pieces.

Pieces are loaded onto the infeed conveyor, recognised by a sensor and folded and sorted onto the dedicated stacker station. This automatic sorting system makes manual pre-sorting unnecessary, shortening processing time. Each folding program can handle up to four different pieces and on achieving the pre-set stack height, the stack of folded pieces is moved to the final incline conveyor belt.

The FlexFold AT180/AT230 can be used for all kinds of towels, from small face towels to the largest bath sheets, and from very light to very heavy pieces. The AT180/230 can fold light garments like T-shirts, trousers, hospital uniforms and can also handle fitted sheets. Our FlexFold AT230 Healthcare Folder has been adapted especially for use in hospitals and can take care of patient gowns and scrubs as well as all the usual hospital linen. Please click here to learn more.

The FlexFold AT180/AT230 have a colour touchscreen with a simple layout that allows even inexperienced operators to adapt or create a new folding program. Easy to program, flexible and very reliable, our towel folder’s control system allows for up to 60 different folding programs, each able to fold four different pieces.

FlexFold Towel Folder Specification


FOLTEX AT230 BH Healthcare Folder

Along with all grades of towelling, this version of the AT230 is designed to handle a complete range of healthcare specific products, including: Scrub-suits (tops and bottoms), patient-gowns, nightwear (nightdresses and pyjamas), hospital-blankets, absorbent bed-pads, stretcher-canvases and tea-towels.

An additional PEC is mounted in the feed-nose to help sub-sort items of similar length. A modified roller / conveyor belt arrangement in the cross-fold section helps to reduce the chance of items with drawstrings or ties (such as patient gowns) from jamming, improving consistency in quality and production.

This version can be supplied with three or four-stacker conveyors.

The videos below show the use of the Foltex AT230 for processing scrub suits and patient gowns.


To discuss your requirements or see a demonstration, please contact us.