FlexFold AG220 Garment Folder

The FlexFold AG220 is the ideal folding machine for laundries processing a wide range of tumbler dried linens such as garments and towels.

Besides its unsurpassed ability to fold and stack towes and sheets of various sizes automatically, the FlexFold AG220 can also fold t-shirts, polo hsirts, undershirts, scrubs, hospital garments, uniforms, trousers and even overalls – making this machine the most flexible automatic garment folder on the market!

The FlexFold AG220 allows operators the ability to process up to four items per program, with each item being automatically identified, folded and sent to a dedicated stacker station. Once a stack reaches its predetermined height, the folded items are transferred to a final delivery conveyor belt.

The FlexFold AG220 is controlled by a user-friendly colour touchscreen that allows even inexperienced operators to create or adapt folding programs. The control system allows for up to 60 different folding programs, each able to fold four different pieces, and also provides backup and production statistics.

FlexFold Garment Folder Specification


Max Piece Length: 220cm / 86″
Max Piece Width: 120cm / 47″
Machine Dimensions
without delivery conveyor:
369 x 141 x 137 cm
145 x 55 x 54″
Machine Dimensions
with delivery conveyor:
446 x 194 x 137 cm
187 x 76 x 54″


Production Monitoring System

Multiple stacker stations for autmonatic sorting

Lifting Stackers

Shorter version for locations with limited floor space

Download the Flexfold AG220 product brochure here


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