FlexFeed SP300-400 Flatwork Feeder

The FlexFeed SP300-400 is a vacuum assisted flatwork feeder for large and small pieces. Compatible with any industrial ironing machine, it is capable of handling manually fed pieces in up to six lanes.

The FlexFeed SP300-400 has been designed to require only minimal maintenance. Rigid, durable but simple, its unsurpassed feeding quality places it far ahead of its market competitors.

The FlexFeed SP300-400 uses LED and laser guides to assist operators to feed pieces accurately at high speeds. In-feed wheels hold each piece on the belt as it is fed into the machine. At the same time, the trailing edge of each piece is stretched out in the high-power vacuum box, producing a highly effective “shaking out” performance.

The FlexFeed SP300-400 uses a single drive motor which drives the high-speed in-feed roller using a simple flat belt. A variable friction system allows the roller to be stopped manually. This feature and the fact that the roll ends are mounted within the cones of the side panels makes the FlexFeed one of the safest machines on the market.

FlexFeed Flatwork Feeder Specification


Working Width: 3000, 3300, 3500 or 4000mm
No of Lanes: from 1 to 6
Positioning: Sits on pin-locked rail-mounted wheels
Operation: Exhaust dust collection via filter bags
mounted at the rear or both sides of the machine


Feeding conveyor height can accommodate a laundry trolley to facilitate productivity and safety

Fitted with an electronic speed inverter for automatic speed synchronisation with the ironer

Suction box fitted with removable access panels

Download the FlexFeed SP300-400 product brochure here


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