FlexFeed LP2-300/400 Flatwork Feeder


The FlexFeed LP2 is a highly versatile, high-quality flatwork feeder offering excellent productivity for a full range of large or small-piece flatwork linen i.e sheets, duvets, fitted-sheets, table-linen, napkins, pillow-slips, aprons etc.

There are two twin-clip feeding stations on either side of the machine where two corners of large-pieces can be clamped in position. A highly efficient, high-accuracy servo-driven pair of server clamps visits each feeding station, retrieves each piece and then simultaneously spreads and positions the pieces centrally on the feed-nose.

The spreading speed can be controlled as can the tension applied to each piece on spreading – avoiding unnecessary tearing of delicate or thin items.


High-Power Suction Box

The tail of the large piece is sucked over a spinning feed-roller which helps it into a deep suction box driven by two, high-power, frequency inverter controlled fans. The combination of suction and volume in the box along with a spreader-knife at the lip of the suction box, ensure smooth-spreading and alignment as the piece enters the feeder.

There is a further, high-powered fan for creating pre-programmed suction on the main feeding belts during the feed-cycle, plus there are a set of speed-controlled spreading brushes just beneath the belts to aid-spreading

Servo Control

Server Clamps on FlexFeed LP2 Flatwork Feeder from FoltexOnce the two servo-driven, server clamps are fully spread and centrally positioned, a further servo-drive pulls the server-clamp bar horizontally into the machine where the clamps can accurately release the piece onto the feed-nose. This can be controlled in such a way as to eliminate corner-turn on the piece.

The servo-control is both fast, efficient, reliable and totally controllable, meaning that it has a versatility that is second-to-none.

High Quality Feeding

A stop-conveyor facility is used to improve quality. A separate, continuous-speed, top-conveyor sits on the main feeding belts, which themselves can be momentarily slowed to allow the speed differential between the conveyors to smooth the leading edge of each piece.
It is also possible to completely stop the in-feed conveyor completely during feeding in order to make quality corrections on items such as round table-cloths.

FlexFeed LP2 Flatwork Feeder from Foltex

Operational FlexFeed LP2 Flatwork Feeder from Foltex

Three Feeding Modes

  1. Large-piece mode. One operator per feeding station places each of two corners into the two feeding-clips for the server clamps to retrieve and feed automatically into the machine. Ideal for sheets, duvets, fitted-sheets and large table-linen.
  1. Server Clamp Mode: The frame containing the two feeding stations retracts at the push of a button to allow operators to feed directly into the server clamps. This can be done with either one operator, centrally located, or with two operators on either side of the machine with the server clamps “visiting” each in turn.Additionally, the server clamps can be arranged to arrive at a pre-programmed width apart to allow two operators to feed a corner each into their clamps. This mode is excellent for very large pieces such as banqueting cloths.
  1. Small Piece Mode: With the feeding station frame retracted the server-clamp bar can also retract to allow the manual feeding of small pieces. High-quality and production is ensured with the assistance of the suction box, feed-roller and vacuum assistance on the feeding-belts.


FlexFeed Flatwork Feeder Specification


Working Width: 3000mm, 3300mm, 3500mm, 3700mm and 4000mm
Air Pressure 4 bar
 Air Consumption: <1cfm
Power Supply: 3 x 380 – 415V, 50/60Hz, 3 ph
3 x 208 – 240V, 50/60HZ, 3 ph
3 x 480V, 60Hz, 3 ph


Highly versatile flatwork feeder for small and large pieces of flatwork.

Single and Twin lane versions available.

Modified feed-nose for direct-feed.

Full Synchronisation with ironer / folder.

Delivery-nose mounted spreader brushes for trailing edge spreading.

Download the FlexFeed LP2-300/400 product brochure here


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