EasyFold Bathrobe Folder

The EasyFold Bathrobe folder is the first bathrobe folder on the market that is able to fold bathrobes regardless of their dimension, thickness or weight.

Folding bathrobes with the EasyFold Bathrobe can triple production when compared to manual folding. Due to its efficiency, the EasyFold Bathrobe often pays for itself in six month or less. Even laundries processing a few hundred bathrobes a day will experience a payback in less than a year!

The EasyFold Bathrobe folder not only increases production, it also improves folding quality and consistency. The unit’s ergonomic design and its ease of operation makes folding bathrobes simpler than ever brfore.

The EasyFold Bathrobe Folder has a very small footprint of only 2.5m² (27ft²) when in use and 1.5m² (16ft²) when tucked away.


EasyFold Bathrobe_start
EasyFold Bathrobe Folder from Foltex UK


EasyFold Bathrobe Folder Specification


Max Bathrobe Length: 160cm / 62″
Max Shoulder Width: 75cm / 29″
Machine Width: 146 cm / 58″
Machine Height: 329cm / 130″
205cm / 81″ for transportation
Machine Depth: 100 – 157cm / 40-62″


Immediately ready for operation. Does not require a technician for startup.

Folds a bathrobe 3-4 times faster than manual folding.

Able to fold all kinds of bathrobes, regardless of length, width and thickness.

Extra small footprint.

Download EasyFold Bathrobe Folder Product Brochure Here



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